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Carbon Embossing Paper

120 Sheets Black Transfer Carbon Paper with 5 Embossing Pens


It's time to get creative!

This carbon copy paper and tracing paper set is versatile. Perfect for art & craft projects, transferring drawings for paintings, sketching, watercolor transferring paper, transferring onto wood, canvas and other creations etc. 

Carbon paper is a wax free pure graphite which allows you to transfer designs from a sketch, pattern, template or free-hand to any surface. It makes a clean crisp tracing which can be easily removed.


Carbon paper works on many surfaces, patterns or images, on canvas, paper, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, clay and other artistic surfaces.

This transfer paper is A4 (30cm /11.8 "* 21cm / 8.2") size, you can cut it according to your need. With this paper you can transfer clear and visible lines and prints

The carbon tracing paper will be supplied with a 5 PCS embossing pen. Different thickness of the tip can make different thickness lines, which can meet your various needs.

It is easy to clean and wipe down on smooth paper and wood. It can be used repeatedly many times, saving you time and paper for designing and creating parts

Package including: 120 sheets carbon transfer paper + 5 PCS embossing styli
 This carbon paper suit for home, office, art and craft projects, could work on many surfaces, canvas, paper, wood, metal, ceramic, clay, etc.

Product Details

 Black color
 Paper size: A4 (30cm /11.8 "* 21cm / 8.2")
 Embossing stylus: The metal tip of the stylus is 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
 Package Include: 120 Sheets Carbon Transfer Paper + 5 PCS Embossing Pens

Carbon Embossing Paper
Carbon Embossing Paper
Carbon Embossing Paper

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