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Raw Tourmaline

1/2 lb of Raw Cut black Tourmaline Stones


Cleansing and protective, black tourmaline helps to promote inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence.

Also known as the "bodyguard stone" tourmaline provides protection and aides in the removal of negative energy. Acting like a shield, tourmaline helps to create a barrier around a person, or room, to prevent negative or unwelcome energies from entering. This stone is also grounding and helpful to balancing each one of our chakras. 

Because of its pitch-black coloration, Tourmaline has the ability to absorb negative energies without compromising its own. Because it can absorb negativity, it can both protect and cleanse you and your environment.

The versatility of this stone makes it a must-have for everyone.

Uses: Protection against EMF, grounding your energies to the Earth, cleansing your aura, psychic protection from negative entities, getting rid of negative thoughts, releasing anger, releasing unworthiness


Raw Tourmaline

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