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We have curated the world's largest selection of black products that will help you connect with your truth, find your balance, and embrace your full power.

It's time to stress less

Release the stress and free your mind from all of the external and internal noise stopping you from elevating to your true potential.

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"We're Changing the way the world looks at Black and how we interact with our higher-selves at the same time!"

Isis-Rae Goulbourne, Founder

Get creative!

Tools to stretch your imagination and step into a world of creativity and wonderment.

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The Intentional Life

10 Things (Other Than Fingerprints) That are Unique to Each of Us

The time is now for you to walk the walk that only you can walk. To see the world in a way that you can see it. Why? Because even if someone walks a day in your shoes and looks at things the way you do, they still can’t have the same experience that you can. Let us show you why.

The Intentional Life

Black Obsidian

Around since pre-historic times, black obsidian is a protective and energy clearing stone that can be used to ground and shield you from negativity. Learn how to use it for your highest good and protection.
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